Aerial Photography by Drone & Helicopter

I offer drone based aerial photography services for Port Douglas, Daintree, Tablelands and Northern Beaches.

Aerial photography offers a perspective of structures and scenes that is not available from ground based photography.

Helicopters and now high tech drones have their unique application depending on the project.

There are many applications where drones are an incredibly useful tool. Tourism, property development, building and roof inspections are just some.

Is your business in building homes, resorts, schools, or other structures? Aerial photos will show an accurate location of your development and its surroundings.

Aerial photos are particularly helpful in real estate to demonstrate perspectives of structures, properties and land. Real estate agents can show potential customers the size of a building and the surrounding landscape to increase their interest.

Drone Photography Offer:

1 hour aerial shoot at a Port Douglas, Mossman, Mowbray location

Minimum of 10 edited digital photos

Preview photos available in 24 - 48 hours

$180 (+ $45 fuel allowance for Daintree locations)

Video Clips