Experienced Guide for Photo Tours

After photographing in the Port Douglas Daintree region for many years I have a lot of favourite locations which I am keen to show other photographers.

I am available for individual photographers and special interest photography groups as a photography guide .

By using my experience as a photographer/film cameraman and University lecturer I will help you improve on your photography skills while guiding you to some of the best locations in this region.

Travelling on tours and cruises with large groups is NOT the best way to improve your photography skills.

Photographers share a common interest and want to spend time on their subject to create that 'perfect' image. That is difficult in a large tour group that has limited time at each location.

Visit my page and my account for location ideas. And there are many more than I haven't posted.

Contact me to discuss your holiday/travel plans for the Port Douglas Daintree region. I can arrange transport, catering, accommodation options & a schedule for the best times of the day to shoot.

Locations Manager - Fixer

Are you a production company looking for location management, services & crew? GET IN TOUCH as I have extensive experience in location management services.


I was contacted by the international film company Metropolis Films to work with them as the Locations Producer on a campaign to be filmed in and around Port Douglas. My experience as a cameraman and having the 'local knowledge' was required. Here is the background of the campaign.

An ad was published on ITAU’s social media and advertising networks in 03.17. The ad invited groups/families of up to 4 people to apply for a casting in an advertising campaign to be filmed at a place in the world they chose for their 'Dream Vacation' (when they won).

Exceeding all expectations over 10 thousand entries were received. The first goal was reached. People were talking about the ITAU Bank's program "Volar de Itau"(Flying with Itau) even before the actual campaign started. The program allows card holders to accumulate miles with the use of credit or debit cards which then can be exchanged for travel arrangements.

Finally, after looking at thousands of photographs, hundreds of phone calls and a lot of interviews, the day of the casting arrived. And as a result, the family Cerisola-Gandina was chosen. And Fiorella Cerisola-Gandina didn't need to imagine where to go to, for her there was no doubt that Port Douglas Australia was the destination.

Because of my local knowledge I was able to provide the script writer with a range of locations that would work with their concept. My location survey images gave their director the ideas and an achievable shooting schedule was formed.

The three first days of filming were intense. Cast and crew travelled to various places around Port Douglas. It all went smoothly and I received great comments from the Production Company, Agency & Client ITAU.

The magical bonds of this family was transferred to the campaign screen by simply letting them be themselves and enjoy the experiences that the production crew suggested.

A short video from the ITAU campaign is available below.